RISE Learn To Swim

Kids Learn to Swim

RISE learn to swim lessons are held after school and on weekends. Our four levels (L1 – L4) of classes are tailored to meet the needs of each child and ability level. Our small class sizes ensure each child can learn through teacher demonstrations and corrections, but also learn well by watching their peers.

Through all our four levels your child will learn:

  • Submerging and floating – An important step in your child’s safety skills
  • To swim unaided – Moving through the water, taking a breath, and going again, is a key safety skill.
  • Back and front kicking
  • The beginnings of all four strokes
  • All techniques and skills necessary to progress to Mini Squad!


LTS classes are held every afternoon after school and on weekends.


1 session/week 2nd session/week 3rd session/week
Level 1 $17 $15 $13
Level 2 $17 $15 $13
Level 3 $19 $17 $15
Level 4 $19 $17 $15

If you would like your child to join our Learn To Swim program please complete the FREE Swimming Assessment form below and our coaches will contact you.


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