Coaching Evaluations

“If they can’t learn the way we coach, we should coach the way they learn.”

Rise Coaching is a skill enhancement tool for coaches. Rise Coaching first understands where the coach is in their journey and what they need to improve their ability to coach. Coaches from sports as varied as tennis, rugby league, rowing, rugby union, gymnastics and cricket have improved their practice planning and set up, learning and retention. Rise Coaching is based on academic research consisting of over 2000 studies and over 50 years of coaching experience.

  • Rise Coaching has been developed from a combination of extensive experience, practical studies and research on how athletes learn and coaches teach.
  • Rise Coaching is designed to accurately evaluate strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Rise Coaching is integrated, practical, relevant and personal.
  • Rise Coaching provides information and a clear pathway to maximise your coaching and your coaching team’s abilities.